Warp Drive

Warp Drive

I heard about this several months ago, but came across it again yesterday and thought it would be a good topic to share. The idea of a warp drive capable of producing speeds faster than light is something most people only think of as science fiction and with good reason. I’ve heard countless times that travel faster than light speed is an impossibility, and most of us never concern ourselves with such thought anyway because we haven’t even come close to reaching light speed in a vehicle that a human could travel in. The link that I’ve attached shows some concept art for a spaceship that could use a warp drive, and then it has some information as to how NASA thinks that faster than light speeds could be attained. It mainly concerns the warping of space-time around the ship so as to achieve these unbelievable speeds. There is a lot more information on this if you just Google the NASA warp drive or the Alcubierre Drive.

Here’s another link:


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