Limb Regeneration

Electricity and Limb Regeneration

While researching some of the science that connects to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, I came across an article about Dr. Michael Levin who is currently doing some interesting research on limb regeneration at Tufts University. Specifically, Levin is interested in the electrical signaling between cells during embryogenesis and also during limb regeneration. Through his research with tadpoles, he has found that controlling the electrochemical cell signaling pathways by opening or closing a specific ion channel, he can enable limb regeneration in tadpoles that are past the stage where regeneration can no longer take place naturally. Also, the article ties in the Greek legend of Prometheus, as well as Galvani, and Aldini as we have mentioned in class. Funny how frogs are still being used in this scope of research!

Link :

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