‘Dr. Ecstasy’

‘Dr. Ecstasy’

This link has an interesting video that looks at some of the history of Dr. Shuglin’s life and his part in making MDMA popular in the late 60s and 70s. He created several psychedelics and experimented with all of them, even using some for treating peoples’ psychological problems. MDMA was classified as a Schedule 1 drug in 1985 by the DEA. Since then a few studies have been done on it for treating psychological disorders with the results looking pretty good; the health concerns with MDMA usually come from people taking too much or having impurities in the drug. “[A] Halpern study, released in 2011, tracked the health of 52 illicit MDMA users—a large number for this sort of research—finding “no cognitive impairment.” When people hear the name Shuglin–those that know him anyway–usually perceive him as weird scientist or a “menace” to society.

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