Atomic Comic “ATOMIC WAR!”

          The comic I found to be most interest was the comic “Only A Strong America Can Prevent ATOMIC WAR!” produced in the year 1952-1953 by Ace Comics. This comic is a series of four comics at all project the outcomes that atomic war would bring. The sole purpose of this comic was to show the horror and devastation that would come of an atomic war, especially on American soil. At this point, the American public had already understood the devastation that can occur after the dropping of an Atomic bomb in a city, because we had dropped two ending World War II. Now that the Soviet Union had access to Atomic Weaponry, fear of an attack on American Soil was especially present.

This comic starts out with talk of a major peace treaty, in which the United States and United Nations are all around a table while Russia announces their call for peace. With everyone believing war was over, Russia sends over atomic bombs destroying Chicago, New York, and Detroit, starting an age of destruction and atomic war. After this initial attack from the Russians catching Americans off guard, the remaining comics are a series of counterattacks, retaliations, and military strategic planning to catch the Russians off guard, and from the eyes of the Russians catching the Americans off guard.
The setting of this comic is supposed to be the year 1960 in which many more atomic weapons have been created and are currently being used in war. I found many of the instruments the comic chose to talk about as interesting. At the time this comic was produced they had just finished a prototype of an atomic weapon that could be fired from the ground. This weapon, an M65 Atomic Cannon nicknamed “Atomic Annie,” is used throughout the comic, but is not called “Atomic Annie” in the comic. Other futuristic scientific weapons used in the comic include a Hydrogen bomb (which in real life began construction in 50 under Truman’s order), atomic handguns, jet boats that can dive under water for extended periods of time, naphtha-phosphorus guns, fluorine gas flame throwers, a Russian satellite carrying atomic weapons, and my personal favorite the Russian high frequency sonar weapon called the “Pulzerizers.”
pulverizerThese fictional “Pulverizers” were used to melt anything metallic that the Americans were using, rendering them defenseless against the Russian attack. In this specific issue, two engineers are arguing with the old-timer commander about how old-fashioned war tactics are not going to beat this new scientific warfare. They argue that science can only be fought by science and we will be wiped out if we don’t compete with the advanced scientific weaponry that they have by creating it ourselves.
reason Overall I think it showed the American thoughts of war, as a game of scientific accomplishments that would eventually lead to the destruction of the entire world if ever put into action. And that is why the title of the comic is “Only A Strong America Can Prevent ATOMIC WAR!”

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