Day 13: The Manhattan Paradigm

Having read Jim Ottiavani’s Fallout, students will be prepared to discuss the Manhattan Project.  A turning point in the size and shape of modern physics, the Manhattan Project produced the first nuclear bombs and set the paradigm for nuclear proliferation throughout the 20th century.  We will discuss the various possible technologies for Uranium enrichment, Plutonium production, and the basics concepts behind the first two nuclear bombs.


  • Read Ibuse’s Black Rain and be prepared for a quiz
  • Watch Radio Bikini, Atomic Cafe, and Copenhagen.  Radio Bikini is currently available on Netflix.  The Atomic Cafe can be rented or bought through Amazon Instant Video.  All three videos are currently available on YouTube.
  • There is no class on Thursday.  This is to allow you to watch these videos, finish reading Black Rain, and reflect on the epic struggle between the United States and Germany.

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