The Future Possibilities of 3D Printing

There is currently a Japanese company that will print a 3D model of your fetus. Known as 天使の形 or “Shape of an Angel”. This service is said to cost around $1,200 and there are options such as key chains (of the fetus) as well.

26e3b98426a0fd4e2c42ccccda14d15bI found this interesting as it can provide a new way to scan and then print 3D models of organs and the like to be used for study.


Some people may view the printing of a fetus repulsive, yet when you compare it to a standard ultrasound image I think that it provides a more interesting view.

Here are links to their websites:


Also, there have been some developments on a larger scale. That is to print buildings using 3D printing techniques. de68ae75b74f44fbb2f717b5c3115aab-300x225These are primarily printed using recycled waste combined with concrete to “print out” walls for the construction of buildings.

There are various concepts on how this may be accomplished on a large scale in the future. Many are still under development.contour-crafting-3d-printers



Not limited to consumer related uses, 3D printing has provided benefit in the advancement of medicine as well. A woman who’s skull was excessively thick was surgically replaced with one that was 3D printed. 

The application of 3D printing has come a long way and further possibilities are only limited by the imagination!

6 thoughts on “The Future Possibilities of 3D Printing”

  1. This is both interesting and disturbing to me. As a pregnant person, the idea of a 3D fetus just seems excessive and gross, especially on my key chain. But I’m sure there will be demand.

  2. I agree with the post above. A 3D fetus seems disturbing and insensitive and yes just plain gross. It is interesting that concrete walls that are printed can bear a pressure much greater than normal concrete. If we have the technology to create a wall that can bear this weight is there a cheaper/ more effective way to create said wall?

    1. I understand about the 3D fetus printouts, especially the key-chain/cell phone strap thing. haha However, there is one particular Ben Stiller movie that shows that there can be worse things! Anyway…I thought it was cool because that same technology can be used to print out organ models for biological study.
      I would imagine that once 3D printers of that scale are more common that it will be cheaper and faster to construct walls (and whole buildings) in the future. Maybe there could even be a man powered model to sort of hand make the same design by on a small scale.

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