Atomic Comic : Atoman

Picture the scene. February, 1946…Little Joey Smith walks into the local drug store with his dad. It’s a bustling time, Harry Truman had been sworn in to the Oval Office months ago, following the death of FDR. Dad has a great job, working the assembly line in the ammunition factory down the road. Today is a special treat, Joey’s dad has promised him a comic book if he did well in his studies first semester. He looks in bewilderment as his eyes scan the shelf for that one amazing journey. Then he spots it…ATOMAN.

ATOMAN Vol 1, Feb 1946
ATOMAN Vol 1, Feb 1946

Now that looks like a real hero. He lays the pennies on the counter and smiles excitedly as he exits the store. He opens the book to find a picture of his favorite scientist, Dr. Albert Einstein, in the middle of the page. The story begins as the president has commissioned a government agency to collect the greatest scientist and researchers to work toward developing nuclear power. According to the government

Nuclear power could be great if used correctly
Nuclear power could be great if used correctly

agents, this power could be so great that we would not even have to pay our electric bills again, but in the wrong hands it could cause a great deal of death and devastation. The family had heard the man on the radio talking about “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” and Joey wondered if this was the type of death and destruction the agents warned of.

As Joey flips through the pages, he comes upon an evil man, Mr. Twist.  The villain was wanting to get his hands on the secret formula for nuclear power. Mr. Twist was developing an evil plan to steal these secrets by putting a bug on one of the scientists that was working in the top secret lab. His plan is a success. The diabolical character then attempted to blackmail the scientist into coming to work for him in order to create a nuclear power plant. When the scientist refuses, the evil henchmen throw him from the top of the sky scraper. As the scientist falls to the ground, he realizes he has landed on his feet and is still alive. The scientist rationalizes that  he has imagesomehow developed some sort of special power, which includes amazing strength and the ability to move at the speed of light. He speculates he has become radioactive, just like the famous scientist Marie Curie. The heroine quickly sews together a suit, as to keep his identity a secret from villains. The hero then goes back to Mr. Twist’s penthouse to retrieve the secret documents. Upon arrival, he rescues a female scientist by traveling, essentially, at the speed of light. The scientist, now turned superhero, is able to move imagearound exactly as Einstein had explained in his theory of relativity several years ago. An explosion happens in the penthouse and he is able to reach and shield the damsel before the explosion and flame travel to her.  Atoman saves the girl, keeps the secrets of nuclear power intact, and kills all the bad guys in his first day on the job. Truly, a new superhero has been born….Joey excitedly wonders what next month’s issue will bring.

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