Atomic War! #2


In this comic from Atomic Comics +, the American military is in an all out war with the Russians, or “Ruskkys” as they’re called in this comic. A-bombs and H-bombs are dropped left and right around Russia by planes, leveling many of its cities. Other than the desolation of the Commies, the comic really started getting weird when the Americans began using “atomic ammo” and atomic hand grenades on the enemy. This comic made it clear that the American public at the time were oblivious to the applications of nuclear energy. They also seem to not be aware of any of the dangers or consequences, as radiation was never mentioned and the soldiers carried their own atomic grenades. It is important to note that nuclear weapons in this comic are used to show that America was much more powerful than Russia, even though Russia had nuclear weapons in 1949 and this comic was published at the end of 1952). This shows that the American public thought that nuclear energy was promising and most likely believed they were the only ones with nuclear weapons.

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