Biggest Threats to Human Existence

Biggest Threats to Human Existence.

I read this article and found it to be very interesting. On the list of biggest threats to human existence, nuclear war was number 1. The article mentions that it is only a matter of time before a nuclear war begins. When it does happen, the entire would will be at risk of extinction. The article also mentions that the Cuban Missile Crises almost caused a World War that would have been nuclear. The article also mentions some other scary stuff that could potentially exterminate humans!

via Biggest Threats to Human Existence.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Threats to Human Existence”

  1. Aside from this list I think something like all the volcanos erupting and messing with the climate or ridiculous weather changes on earth with many different natural disasters feeding off of each other and occuring is something that could definitely lead to human extinction. Will it happen? Probably not. Is it possible though? With how humans treat the Earth and what they put it through, who knows.

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