Vintage Versions of Modern Technology

Vintage Versions of Modern Technology

This is an article I found on the Whewell’s Ghost Carnival blog. It is a list of ten early inventions that eventually led to modern day technology.  I found it interesting because some of the inventions and ideas listed are far beyond the time in which they were thought of. For example, we might think that Facetime or Skype were inventions that came along with the cell phone or computer. However, Bell Labs developed a Picturephone that debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair. It astonishes me to think about how much time and dedication it would take to create something like this. 

One thought on “Vintage Versions of Modern Technology”

  1. So many inventions have been created by accident or by chance over the years. For example, the microwave oven actually started as someone trying to make a new vacuum tube. Corn flakes were discovered by accident as well. It is definitely crazy to think how many things we have today that were the result of luck and hard work that just didn’t end up with the intended result.

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