Germ killer

Germ killer


Cleaning materials such as toothpaste, dish soaps, and other at home cleaning chemicals that may contain triclosan can cause problems for water treatment plants. In this article it is discussed that when a person is using antimicrobials to kill germs at home, and when the chemical is washed down the drain it has been showing up in the sewage sludge. The problem with this is that the bacteria that breaks down the sewage has been ingesting the triclosan and causing a decrease in the amount of methane given off by the microbes. The decrease in methane production means a decrease in waste break down. As a end result this is causing an issue with the water treatment plants.


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One thought on “Germ killer”

  1. This is one of the many examples of things that could have devastating effects in the future but are convenient for us now. Use of products such as these could uproot the whole system we have in place for waste removal. Probably not all at once, but long term these effects that we are seeing now and doing very little about besides urging people to “go green” could cause irreversible damage that we may not be equipped to handle at the time. We really are laying a foundation that will take many years to fix if everyone continues to act as if our eco foot prints mean little in the scheme of things.

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