NOT TO EVERYONE NIGHTMARES, but.. Here is an article that I found discussing some of the health concerns with the use of plasticizers (chemicals added to make plastics durable, heat-resistant, etc.). Some of these concerns include tests from the ’80s linking phthalates to liver cancer in rats and mice & the ability of plasticizers to act as endocrine disruptors (causing feminization in boys). This is very relevant to our class, as we just mentioned 3-D printing of organs and how the plastic industry is booming in this era. Some options that I believe should be utilized in the future are the use of bioplastics and the practice of green chemistry.

Also, heres a pretty scary link that describes how the chemicals in plastics can leak into food and beverages, be absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream, and even be inhaled due to their volatility. It also explains how children have the most exposure to these things.

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