This is the course website for summer 2014 History of Science from Newton to the Present (HSCI 3013) at the University of Oklahoma . It was taught by John Stewart.

This course uses literature to examine the cultural impact of science from the 18th century to the present.  From the early explorations of both the terrestrial and celestial spheres to the modern satires of corporate laboratories, science has been portrayed in ambiguous or even negative ways.  Despite or perhaps because of its contributions to modernity, science has been associated with Promethean technological advances and their occasionally unethical applications.  Through the lectures and readings, this course will tease out the history of science, its socio-cultural and political appropriations, and the negotiated roles of the public readers. 

This course is designed to develop students’ abilities to understand primary sources sympathetically, to evaluate and build on secondary sources critically, and to apply ideas in history of science to the description and explanation of historical events.

For more information see our syllabus.

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HSCI 3023 by John Stewart History of Science Departent University of Oklahoma

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